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EF S2000 Cluster Bezel

EF S2000 Cluster Bezel

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S2000 Cluster Style

88-91 Civic (all models)

This is just the bezel for the S2000 cluster in an EF.  You will need to choose the correct cluster style - the bezel is different for AP1 and AP2.  These are generally split between the 88-89 and 90-91 years. 88-89 are generally the short height cluster and the 90-91 have a taller cluster. If you have any question as to which you should order don't hesitate to contact us.

This is does NOT include the mounts.

Black ABS

Tools Needed:
Philips screw driver

Install / Modifications:
88-89 FITMENT NOTE: Because the 88-89 cluster is shorter, the S2K cluster sits lower and in turn the factory dash bezel covers up the buttons on the S2K cluster. I have not come up with a good solution to this yet. You will have to do your own modifications to access the buttons.

What's included in the box:
EF S2000 Cluster Mounts
S2000 Cluster Bezel
4x Mounting Screw

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