Meet Suki

She is named after Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender (not Suki from 2Fast2Furious)

I purchased Suki in December of 2018 from my cousin. She is a 1991 Honda Civic LX (originally automatic) with 261000 original miles and bone stock. She was barely running when I got her, my cousin said she was leaking coolant from the timing belt area and he didn't have time to work on her. She fired up and drove onto the trailer and I brought her home and drove her into the garage.

I obviously needed to do a timing belt kit, so got one of those ordered and tore into the engine. I was surprised to find the waterpump had completely seized and chewed up about 80% of width the timing belt teeth (see picture below). How this engine fired up and drove on and off the trailer is a wonder to me. I got the new waterpump, timing belt and tensioner installed and started driving her around as a daily.

I drove the car for a little while with the auto transmission and dual point fuel injection. I didn't have a lot of power (less than a normal DPFI engine) and I didn't care much for the auto either so I decided to start modding the car. First upgrades were to swap out the auto trans for a manual one, update the dual point fuel injection to the multi point fuel injection and while I was at it I might as well convert it to OBD1 so I can tune it. I started by getting the auto tranmission out and the manual in, pulled the old DPFI intake manifold off and started rewiring for the MPFI. Added the new clips for the OBD1 injectors and 2 additional wires for the distributor and OBD1 distributor plugs.

Now that the engine bay stuff is pretty much done, it's time to move to the interior side. To make it easier, I pulled the dashboard so I could swap out the automatic pedal assembly and install the manual pedal assembly. The last part is to remove the automatic shifter and replace it with a manual shifter and shift linkage. I got a Type R style shift knob (my favorite style) and an OBD0 to OBD1 jumper harness for the ECU. Also, while putting everything back together I figured it's a good time to clean everything. I had to make a small adjustment on the factory DPFI intake piping/air box so that it fit, but pretty much looks stock now.

Next thing to start working on was the suspension. Mainly because I had a random knock when hitting bumps in the road. At first I noticed that the drivers side lower shock bushing was pretty worn, so I ordered an Energy Suspension black polyurethane replacement pushing and got those installed. The noise go I started digging around some more and found that my sway bar pushing was completely out of it's holder (no bushing on the sway bar might make a knocking sound). I put it back in it's correct spot and ordered replacement Energy Suspension bushings for the sway bar as well (no pictures of install for some reason). Now that issue is fixed, on to the next, new windshield. Got a new windsheild installed because the old one was pretty cracked. I also got the car lowered on some cheaper coilovers a friend had with camber kits in the front (washers in the back) and some 13" VX rims I picked up from a friend as well.

I decided it was time to upgrade the exhaust a little, mainly because it was loud and apparently had a giant hole in the muffler. My buddy had a CRX he was turning into a race car and didn't need the exhaust off of it anymore so we lengthened it about a foot and bolted it up to Suki. She sounds so much better now, barely louder that stock. I also found an old intake pipe and bought a new filter for it to replace the factory air box. I broke my factory seat, so put in a spare DA Integra seat that I had - gotta love those grinder action shots.

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