Milwaukee Tool Mounts

Milwaukee M12/M18

If you're a nice way to mount your Milwaukee cordless tools and batteries and get them off your bench, I've got your solution. I designed these to be versatile, you can mount most of the guns facing left or right (this also allows me to keep bits in my drills) and the long skinny tools (ratchets and grinders) can be mounted forward. I tend to grab most of my tools with my right hand so I faced all of mine to the right.

The battery holder is designed for 3 batteries and will do the small or XC sizes. It also has a slight angle away from the wall for even easier battery management. I did a 3 inch gap between each one of my mounts if you were curious about my spacing.

Not all tools will work on these mounts, for example the circular saw probably won't. Once I can get my hands on one I'll design one for that and others that don't fit this basic profile.

I am almost done with the M18 designs (waiting for my tester to get back from Hawaii).

Cost :: $12-65 shipped in the US, international shipping is extra and calculated when you checkout

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