Products in development

I will be adding info on current projects and products in development. None of the information here is final.

If you have an idea you would like for you car please go to the Contact Us page and message us.

Last updated April 3, 2020 (Newest updates on top)

88-91 Center vent gauge pod
Status :: 2nd design done, waiting for printer time

92-95 Civic Auto 2 Manual cover
Status :: 1st prototype printing

92-95 Civic OEM cup holder replacement
Status :: 5th prototype design done and waiting to print

90-93 Integra arm rest cup holder replacement
Status :: First prototype out being tested, second one designed to make the cups even deeper

90-93 Integra dash tray triple gauge pod
Status :: Switched to a magnet style mounting system - final sent to be tested

88-91 EF overhead console
Status :: 4th prototype complete, will be installing with switches for reading lights when LEDs come in

88-91 EF Sedan/Hatch/Wagon triple gauge pod radio replacement
Status :: 2nd prototype printed - testing

94-00 Acura Integra cup holders (factory replacement)
Status :: Prototype tested - made a few adjustments, need to print

88-91 CRX double din radio mount
Status :: Complete

88-91 EF Roof Rack Rail Ends
Status :: have one model done, getting a second end sent that I can replicate

90-93 Acura Integra Triple Gauge Pod
Status :: Complete

88-91 EF (All models) Dual cup holder around ebrake
Status :: Complete

90-93 DA Integra single cup holder with dual gauge pod
Status :: Complete

88-91 EF (All models) Auto 2 Manual conversion shifter hole cover
Status :: EF Sedan/Hatch/CRX/Wagon and DA complete

88-91 EF Wagon RT4WD with optional lower radio console dual cup holder
Status :: Completed - order now in the products section

89-97 Mazda Miata cup holders
Status :: Found one locally - hopefully meeting up Saturday

88-91 EF Front door speaker adaptors for 6.5" speakers
Status :: Just thought of it, brainstorming

88-91 EF CRX rear cup holder
Status :: pending

88-91 EF Sedan/Hatch dual cup holder (sits on top)
Status :: measurements taken

88-91 EF Sedan/Hatch dual cup holder with optional lower radio console
Status :: Trying to locate a lower radio console to borrow

92-95 EG Civic dual cup holder factory replacement
Status :: 1st prototype complete, redesigning

89-95 Toyota 4Runner factory replacement dual cup holder
Status :: Completed - order now in the products section

89-99 Toyota MR2 cup holders
Status :: Requested, found car local and waiting for time to look at car