EF/DA Rear Cup Holder

88-91 Civic and 90-93 Integra

These do not require any modification to your center console. You'll need to remove 1 screw to remove the plate above your rear ash tray, install the cup holder and put the factory screw back in.

Some of the Civics and CRXs came with a shorter rear ash tray, you'll want to choose the shorter version. Only the tall version is available in dual. The short version moves the cups too far forward and they interfer with the seats.

We have 3 new rear ash tray replacement options available now. We have a dual cup holder with dual usb charger (included) and an ash tray replacement with no cup holder that just has the dual usb charger.

Cost :: $20-44 (contact us for shipping quotes for outside the US/Canada/Australia/Ireland/Jamaica, we do ship world wide)
10% Discount on orders of 10 or more, contact us for more details
In stock and shipping within 24-48 hours.

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