EF Left Coin Cup Holder

88-91 Civic/CRX

This works on ALL EF models (should work on RHD as well). Replaces either the coin holder or the blank plate under the fresh air switch under the left vent.

IF you have a coin holder under your left vent, make sure you choose YES below so I can include the cover. This cup holder will replace the coin holder and with the included cover you won't have a hole. The two last pictures show the left cup holder installed in a civic that had a coin holder.

UPDATE: Have created a left cup holder specifically for the wagons because their seat sits up higher. This new version gives another ~1 inch of clearance.

If you have any questions about which options to choose, watch the video below.

Cost :: $25-30 shipped in the US, international shipping is extra and calculated when you checkout

Do you have a coin holder under your left vent?
What model of civic