EF Cell Phone Holder

88-91 Civic/CRX

This cell phone holder is made specifically to fit your phone, below you'll see drop down options for sizes in 2mm incraments for the width (the long side) and thickness.

We also need to know which side your power button is on so when you put your cell phone in the holder the power button is up, we can put the charge port cutout on the correct side.

Since the CRX has a different dash, I am working on a design for that sepereate, it should be done very shortly.

This phone holder clips on to the top of the radio console, no screws, tape or modification required.

Cost :: $20 shipped in the US, international shipping is extra and calculated when you checkout
Made to order, can take a couple days to make changes and print out your holder.

Choose your model (CRX coming soon)
Width of phone when horizontal with case on
Thickness of phone with case on
Is your power button on the left or the right?
Width option if not listed above - please enter in millimeters