Custom Radio Bezel

88-91 CRX Dash

This piece was designed specifically for the CRX dash. This is the final design, I am still making a couple final tweaks for fitment and functionality. I plan to have quite a few variations of this as well as design custom ones for anybody that wants one.

This replaces the factory radio bezel that has the single din and the pocket. The versions pictured are a double din and one with 3 gauge pods and a single din. I also have a Dual single din with a half din and more on the way.

I have also been able to get a full size dual cup holder slide out tray built into these and they will come with either a 2 or 4 port usb charger pre-installed.

Cost :: PRE-ORDER PRICES - $60-70 shipped (no international orders accepted during pre-order)

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