Auto to Manual Swap Cover

88-91 Civic / 90-93 Integra

For those that have done an auto to manual swap in their civics/integras you know how much noise comes through those uncovered holes.

This cover is designed to cover both of the large automatic holes using the 6 automatic shifter bolt holes. I also built the factory center console mount locations into this piece so you don't have to go find that either.

You will need to find the rubber grommet that connects to the top of the shift linkage.

All hardware is included except the rubber grommet (6 bolts, 6 nylon lock nuts and 6 washers).

I am working on EG/EK and DC covers as well.

Cost :: $30 (contact us for shipping quotes for outside the US/Canada/Australia/Ireland/Jamaica, we do ship world wide)
All EF/DA Models are available now

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